Fantastic carpet cleaner to the purchase price.

We purchased this from Wal-Mart also it did amazing on our rugs. Read full inspection.

We purchased this from Wal-Mart also it did amazing on our rugs. My grandfather has a Bissell that people generally use and we also have rented a Rug Doctor, however, the Hoover washed our carpets far better compared to the other two. We had family members remark that "I have not seen that your carpeting this tidy. " It is absolutely worth the cost. The water tank is extremely easy to remove, empty, and refill and using seperate tanks to the dirty and clean water can also be wonderful. This machine also looked much quieter compared to other machines we’ve used. This system can also be good at sucking the water up. It didn’t leave your carpeting saturated like any carpeting cleaners do. I would advise this carpet cleaner for anybody!

I recently bought the "Steam Vac" just to see that the device doesn’t heat the water, so no. Read full inspection.

I recently bought the "Steam Vac" just to see that the device doesn’t heat the water, hence no steam. The warmth as indicated on the box is only the heat produced by the motor that blows out to the carpeting. As soon as I phoned Hoover to ask about the vapor, the client rep. needed a quick and ready answer such as he’d answered this question repeatedly. Appears like Hoover is hoping to contend with Bisell which really heats water. The device appeared to work good, simply don’t want to be lied to.

I bought this product a couple of years ago and I harbor ‘t regretted it . I guessed for as many occasions because I rented a carpet cleaner I can readily own one. It was the reality. I utilize my carpet cleaner once per month. Occasionally for big regions like rooms or merely a little stain that only occurred. I’ve been quite satisfied with this system. It’s not difficult to use, the directions were practical and simple to comprehend. The attachments functions nicely and also have good suction. I’m always amazed when I wash my sofa how much cleaner it feels and looks. 1 draw back I have had on this system is how significant it is. To take this up or down the staircase is alittle scary, it’s large and bulky and hard to transport. Provided that you don’t have up stairs and down to perform, this system is excellent. Value for the money is amazing and it’s paid for itself quite quickly. I find I will wash a large area with a single tank of water. The carpeting is just moist after cleaning also. It doesn’t look soaked as with other machines I have employed. I find the rug dries in a couple of hours or not to outside furniture back. While I have washed furniture , it will appear to leave this wetter and may take longer to dry. It’s an excellent machine, fantastic price, a fantastic price point and good quality. This system is constructed to survive and I expect to use mine for a very long time to come.

We harbor ‘t used it quite far but from what we’ve we adore it. It’s quite simple to put together and easy to comprehend the directions and how to utilize it. It’s louder than what we’re utilized to but that’s the only con that I can locate. It doesn’t leave the carpet wet for a lengthy period, it blows up the dirt and dirt quick and difficult. Has an choice to power shot stains and rotating brushes that actually get in the carpet to wash. The button to turn it is in the base on the other hand to allow it to lean back so rather than bending over you simply apply your foot. You place in warm water since there’s not a heating element to warm or maintain the water warmed. Additionally, it includes two attachments to utilize on the nozzle. Overall I would suggest it out of small homes to large jobs or homes.

Maneuverability It isn’t tough to transfer it and may get anywhere you want it to.

Lack of Maintenance All you need to do is ditch the dirty water and then wash it out. Very simple to look after.

A fantastic tool in maintaining my carpeting clean.

I’ve possessed this rug cleaner for many decades now. Three bedrooms and the huge family room all have carpeting. I wash my carpets around 3 times per year on this machine and attempt to wash any stains as they happen. I believe this system has considerably extended the life of my carpeting. It’s so much simpler to have my carpeting machine without having to lug those large rental machines dwelling. And a bonus is that using all the upholstery attachments I will use it in my upholstered couches to keep them fine also. Additionally, it doesn’t irritate my daughters allergies.

Maneuverability This system may be somewhat awkward but greater than the bigger leases. It could be heavy to push and actually gives my spine a workout. I try to space it out and get the bottom floor of my home daily and the shirt the next I don’t have carpeting in my staircase and I think this system would be hard to use on stairs.

Benefits of Maintenance Other than taking apart and cleaning my own equipment after each use there’s been really little upkeep on it. Should you follow the instructions and keep it clean it’s fairly well maintenance free.

Suction Performance I locate that the suction more than sufficient for normal household usage. It eliminates the majority of the moisture which it sprays out along with my carpets dry quickly. I believe about the upholstery it isn’t quite as great on suction but nevertheless decent. It eliminates your pet hair out of my two Scottie dogs who are indoors and I am amazed at your pet hair out of my carpeting that you simply don ‘t find.

Versatility Versatile enough together with all the attachments to not just clean the carpeting but also upholstered furniture plus I have cleaned my auto upholstery using it. The soap for this can be a bit expensive and I like to wash my carpeting after with only a little vinegar added to the water.

Design Changing over in the carpet cleaner into the upholstery attachments may be somewhat tricky. You also must be certain the underside reservoir is latched down only shortly after draining.

Durability Mine has lasted for many years now with routine use and is running good with zero issues.